Reviews & Responses to Liturgy as a Way of Life (Pt. 2 & 3)

Falling behind a little, here are the last two reviews at and my responses that correspond to them.  I had a wonderful time interacting with three individuals’ reviews of the book.  They were all coming from different perspectives and had insights and questions into many different facets of the book.  If you missed out on the conversation while it was happening, you can find the last two reviews here:

Review by Linda Borecki
Review by Nathaniel Marx

And my responses:

Response to Linda Borecki
Response to Nathaniel Marx

Have your own questions and insights about the book?  Post a comment here or in the other post and hopefully I will have time to respond!

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Reviews & Responses to Liturgy as a Way of Life (Pt. 1)

I have the privilege this week and the the next two to receive and respond to reviews of my latest work, Liturgy as a Way of Life.  The discussion is hosted by the website,  On Monday, the first reviewer posted a thoughtful response and provided a few questions for me to answer.  I gave my response today.  This format will continue over the next two weeks with two more reviews and two of my responses.  It is a great supplement to Liturgy as a Way of Life, or a beneficial way to be introduced to the themes in the book if you are thinking about reading it.

You can find the first review: here.

And, my corresponding response here.

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Sorry for the Delay…

It was a false start for  As much as I wanted to begin posting consistently right away, I went back to the drawing board to reevaluate the best approach to this blog.  Thus, I will have new features soon!  Mainly a podcast.  Instead of having to read everything, there will be a podcast with conversations and lectures about every area of philosophy.  Check back at the end of August to enjoy these new areas of the website, and hopefully read and listen to thoughts on all different sorts of interesting philosophical topics.  Some will be oriented towards beginners, others will be more difficult, but I aim to make it all approachable!

Here’s a song for you: Making Americans

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Discussing Liturgy as a Way of Life

Here are some great videos of me discussing my newest publication Liturgy as a Way of Life.  These videos, released by the publisher Baker Academic here, have me very briefly discussing the major themes of the book.  Improvisation, call & response, living as “works of art,” and living liturgy are integral ideas put forth in the book.  If you think this book is just for artists, you’d be wrong!  Watch these videos and you’ll see what art and liturgy have to do with your life, no matter which walk of life you lead.

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Website completed!

The website is finally finished.  It is now an excellent repository for information on all my books, speaking engagements, and current thoughts with this blog!  I hope to make it a place for discussion on many varied pihlosophical topics such as aesthetics, philosophy of religion, phenomenology and the continental tradition
Feel free to respond in the comments section with thoughts, questions, counter-arguments, and whatever else may be helpful.  I hope to respond expediently and a lively discussion will flourish!

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