The Phenomenology of Prayer

The Phenomenology of Prayer

Edited by: Bruce Ellis Benson & Norman Wirzba
Publisher: Fordham University Press | On the web
Year: 2005
ISBN: 9780823224968

Phenomenology of Prayer cover 200 x 300This is a collection of ground-breaking essays that considers the many dimensions of prayer: how prayer relates us to the divine; prayer’s ability to reveal what is essential about our humanity; the power of prayer to transform human desire and action; and the relation of prayer to cognition. It takes up the meaning of prayer from within a uniquely phenomenological point of view, demonstrating that the phenomenology of prayer is as much about the character and boundaries of phenomenological analysis as it is about the heart of religious life.

An excerpt from the Introduction of the edited work:

“How could there be a vibrant religious life without the practice of prayer?  In both theistic and nontheistic traditions, religious followers are generally counseled to steadfast prayer – to pray “without ceasing.”  Without prayer, religious sensibility would likely atrophy and perhaps die.  Yet what makes prayer so essential to a life of faith?”

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Table of Contents

Introduction | Bruce Ellis Benson and Norman Wirzba

Part I: Learning How to Pray
1. Prayer as the Posture of the Decentered Self | Merold Westphal
2. Who Prays? Levinas on Irremissible Responsibility | Jill Robbins
3. Becoming What We Pray: Passion’s Gentler Resolutions | Edward F. Mooney
4. Prayer as Kenosis | James R. Mensch
5. The Prayers and Tears of Friedrich Nietzsche | Bruce Ellis Benson
6. Attention and Responsibility: The Work of Prayer | Norman Wirzba

Part II: Praying and the Limits of Phenomenology
7. Irigaray’s Between East and West: Breath, Pranayama, and the Phenomenology of Prayer | Cleo McNelly Kearns
8. Heidegger and the Prospect of the Phenomenology of Prayer | Benjamin Crowe
9. Edith Stein: Prayer and Interiority | Terrence C. Wright
10. “Too Deep for Words”: The Conspiracy of a Divine “Soliloquy” | B. Keith Putt
11. Plus de Secret: the Paradox of Prayer | Brian Treanor
12. Praise – Pure and Personal? Jean-Luc Marion’s Phenomenologies of Prayer | Christina M Gschwandtner

Part III: Defining’s Prayer’s Intentionality
13. The Saving or Sanitizing of Prayer: The Problem of the Sans in Derrida’s Account of Prayer | Mark Gedney
14. How (Not) to Find God in All Things: Derrida, Levinas, and St. Ignatius of Loyola on Learning How to Pray for the Impossible | Michael F. Andrews
15. Prayer and Incarnation: A Homilectical Reflection | Lissa McCullough
16. The Infinite Supplicant: On a Limit and a Prayer | Mark Cauchi
17. Proslogion | Philip Goodchild