Reviews & Responses to Liturgy as a Way of Life (Pt. 2 & 3)

Falling behind a little, here are the last two reviews at and my responses that correspond to them.  I had a wonderful time interacting with three individuals’ reviews of the book.  They were all coming from different perspectives and had insights and questions into many different facets of the book.  If you missed out on the conversation while it was happening, you can find the last two reviews here:

Review by Linda Borecki
Review by Nathaniel Marx

And my responses:

Response to Linda Borecki
Response to Nathaniel Marx

Have your own questions and insights about the book?  Post a comment here or in the other post and hopefully I will have time to respond!

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  1. Jan Kay says:

    Hi, Bruce, I have been telling myself to give you a call MANY times as I drive past your house. So here I am finally. Don’t have your phone number or other email, so this is it.
    Give me a call.
    Or send an email so we can get a cup of coffee again.


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