Sorry for the Delay…

It was a false start for  As much as I wanted to begin posting consistently right away, I went back to the drawing board to reevaluate the best approach to this blog.  Thus, I will have new features soon!  Mainly a podcast.  Instead of having to read everything, there will be a podcast with conversations and lectures about every area of philosophy.  Check back at the end of August to enjoy these new areas of the website, and hopefully read and listen to thoughts on all different sorts of interesting philosophical topics.  Some will be oriented towards beginners, others will be more difficult, but I aim to make it all approachable!

Here’s a song for you: Making Americans

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One comment on “Sorry for the Delay…
  1. Robert Scott says:

    Hi Dr. Benson,
    I heard you have left Wheaton. What are you up to now?
    I am just now finishing my doctorate in philosophy at the U. Of Georgia.

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